Friday, 2 June 2017


They say childhood is the best time in one’s life
There is no struggle, there is no actual strife
It’s like a spring spent in a beautiful meadow,
Gazing the clouds from under the tall tree’s shadow,
All flowers are rising and dancing in bloom,
No agony there is, there lies no gloom,
Even the rainy days bring you joys,
You laugh, you sleep, you play with toys,
And the monsters in the closet might haunt you in the night,
But the guardians will protect you till the daylight,
I had heard this in the tales,
But when the dark prevails,
I am hungry and hopeless, I am so scared,
That even in this house that’s protectively layered,
I am yet unprotected,
Vulnerable and infected,
With the sickness of life,
That someone might bring a knife,
To end me soon,
Before the noon,
Like they have done to the others,
Killed the babies and the mothers,
The light is even worse,
It brings with it, a curse,
With the drones over our heads,
And the fire that spreads,
It sounds like a beast,
Coming for a feast,
Gunshots ring in the ear,
Pulse rising with the fear,
I peek through the window and there they stand,
With heavy arms resting in everyone’s hand,
And I realize the monsters in the closet is just a lie,
The monsters roam freely, to hide, they don’t try,
I wonder what it is that we have done,
That has brought them all under the sun,
To kill us all, to torment us, to make us pay,
Can it be undone? Whatever it is, I pray,
I don’t ask for my childhood, I just ask for a way,
A way to keep myself alive, and make my family stay,
Is there are world out there where lies no fear?
And a child goes to sleep without a single tear?
Maybe in an enchantment or in a wonderland,
There is some life and not a death stand,
Maybe the world isn’t such a hopeless place,
Maybe out there, humanity has a trace.

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