Wednesday, 1 March 2017


So here is the irony.

I don't think pretty people understand the struggles we average-looking people have to go through, like every day. Like do they even know what's it's like to have a crush on somebody that is so way out of your league that you want to quit the planet and settle on Mars or somewhere else? Do they even know how hard is it to have your ugly day when you're not even good looking? Can they even understand the desire we have, to have a random confession over our "not-so-existent" existence?

It is so easy for them to deny our problems and go on rambling about their own. And are those even problems? So what if their crush didn't talk to them one day, my crush doesn't even know I exist, or worse, he might think I am some sort of a creepy stalker.

I don't think they understand the meaning of the term "getting noticed". When the spotlight is always on them and they are so blinded by it, it's hard to make a point.

And why on Earth would they not be satisfied with themselves? I mean, you freak, you're basically goals. Have you met us, potato-heads?

And I don't think they appreciate us enough for not being a competitor. Well now that I have mentioned it, I don't think humans have this ability to appreciate what they have, do they? You do so much for them, you put in your effort, your love, and at the end of the day, they'll only remember what you didn't do for them. Can they just not, for a moment, be grateful for everything that has been done for them?

No matter whatever you do, humans just never have enough.

Are you still waiting for the irony or have you already found it, you mind-freak?

(I'll be back.)


  1. I'll be waiting for more crush irony...



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