Sunday, 22 January 2017



When you enroll yourself in university, chances are you haven’t met the world yet. And if you are an introvert, oh boy, life is brutal. When you enroll yourself in university, you make up some resolutions that are as hollow as the ideal concept of university life.

So you get up and you go to the university and start talking to the first person around you or you wait till someone comes to you. Now unless you are really pretty, chances of that happening are pretty rare. And for the first few days, or must I say, few weeks, it’s just the covers and not the books inside. Wanna hear something really crazy? Sometimes when you think you read the whole book, they burn the book and bring a new one. Now that sounds pretty much like a blab, but what I am saying is that you don’t get to see the people’s real faces in the freshmen year. Sometimes they wait too long, like till the last semester to show their true colors and leave you rethinking the definition of a best friend. Reality slap, too soon?

Two things you need to be on a look out for; first, beware who you call ugly in the first semester. Second, beware who you call your best friend in the freshmen year.
When you join university, you are either still a teen, or straight outta teens, either way; you are very much likely to find yourself in all kinds of trouble. The beginning is easy. You joke around, you have fun with your friends, you spot pretty hoomans and you end up developing a crush. And if your crush isn’t out of your league, it’s not a crush. If your crush isn’t out of your league, you are doing it wrong.

Crushes are fun when your friends have them. Because when you have it, it’s a disaster. And when your friend has it, you end up being more excited to see their crush than your friend. Little tip? Never tell your friends to look at someone when they are coming your way, because they will all turn around at the same time. So your crush isn’t a crush till they leave you crushed. Okay, I am exaggerating, they are not so bad. Because the best part about having a crush is, it fades away. Just like your best buddies when the mighty final projects appear and you are not a very bright mind.

Bombshell number I don’t know, when your friends are all pretty and people start developing crushes on them, ignoring your entire existence leaving you wondering if you are dead or invisible, helping you reach the height of inferiority complex, *well thank you, couldn’t have done it without you.*

But all is good because the reality kicks in a little late. So you enjoy the time before the storm comes shattering everything. But there is good in it, nothing like embarrassing yourself in front of your crush, or the talks or the fun you have with your friends. And you never know, sometimes when you turn the page on, the book gets even better.


  1. Well I am introvert and barely made a real friend this semester. Everyone in class is a friend but no one is a real friend. And eventually I also lost the real friend xD. It feels like you expose yourself to someone, making yourself vulnerable and that person just reminds you that you're nothing. And that just reminds me why I never make real friends or have any cause these days it seems like anybody can be replaced. Well thats my experience going in university.

    1. life does that to you, you know. especially around this age, when there are a very few people who stay true to you and then it makes you wonder, why can't you have a real friend, even if you deserve that. but it does groom you for something big, and that is you are on your own at the end.

    2. Aye, thank you :')

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