Friday, 27 January 2017


When you enroll yourself in university, you have already had a fair share of crushes. That is, of course, the normal standard. Even if not, you are very much likely to fulfill that share.

It's not like the start of teens when you have absolutely no clue as to what is going on with you. You have literally been there done that. Now I refuse to believe anyone who claims they have never had a crush. I am no lie detector but I can tell you you're full of shit if you make that claim. Because unless you're mentally impaired or missing a heart or from an alienated world, saying you never had a crush is a big fat lie.

By the time you reach university, you're no longer shy about your crushes anymore, if you were before. And if you still are, don't worry your friends will snap you out of it. Because that, my friend, is a major if you want to graduate.

Now there are two ways you could do this. First, you spot someone yourself and it's all on you. You might show your friends and their agreement may be an enhancement factor, but it's still you. Second, is when your friends make you take the fall. Now this could go down in two ways, first they make you spot someone you have never noticed and put it in your brain about how magnificent the creature is and your heart goes like *well, we haven't had a disaster in a while so why the hell not.* and second when they start teasing you with someone for no apparent reason and your poor heart fails to take the torture anymore and slips.

Love, my friend, is a powerful drug. It's a medicine to your soul, the pulse to your heart. And crush is a temporary form of love and whatever I said is crap because love is a DISASTER.

It starts easy. You have spotted a handsome lad or a pretty girl and you think wow. Then you start looking for them just for fun. The next thing you know, you have fallen. And damn, that's bad. And once you confess it to your friends, be prepared for all kinds of situations they will throw at you. The smiles, the looks, the gestures, you can't stop them from anything. They'd rather make it rain if your crush is around. And all you have to do is pray you don't get caught.

And I don't know if you know it already but if you are looking at one person, there are three others noticing you. So before you drool over someone notice where their friends are.

And like I said, a crush isn't a crush if it's not out of your league. And I'd go out of a limb here and be a little melodramatic and say that it hurts so bad. It totally depends on how you deal with it. You want to admit or stay in denial, you want to make fun or cry your heart out, you want to tell your friends or keep it a secret but what you can't control is how long are you going to stay crushed. Oh us poor souls.

And the jealousy you sign up for, for all the living breathing creatures around the person who has absolutely no idea you even exist. Ain't human nature fascinating?

It's about time you fall out of it and restore your state of mind to normal. But until then, I pity your damned soul.


  1. Hahahaha so accurately described ��

  2. Thats why its better not to have a heart and only then it doesn't hurt

    1. yeah, I don't think we have a choice.



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