Thursday, 21 July 2016


The dark alley that hides the monsters,
Now accompanies a man as he sits in dismay
All his hope vanishing in the gloom,
He stares at the sky but little does he see,
That everything is by his side,
Fear grips his heart, oblivion, as he sees
The shadow lies beside him,
Beaming at the moon,
How stupid is the human? Ponders the nature
With all that's around him yet he thinks he's alone
The earth that holds him,
the sky that shelters
the stars that guide,
 the moon that illuminates,
Yet his heart wails aloud as hears the nature,
Dribble down the drops as the thunder breaks the sky
And cries the nature for the human that tries
But fails to see what marvels await him,
A step, all he needs.
But the human never moves,
As the destiny awaits him,
The signs are there yet he's unable to see
Oh human, leave desires, set yourself free
Sometimes it's dark that gives you the answer,
A little pain it takes to reach the glory.
So try again human, and trying's all will it take
The future is yours and only yours to make!

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