Monday, 4 July 2016


So as we see, Ramadan is almost over. Have you earned your place in Jannah yet? Have you earned redemption from your sins yet? Have you purified your soul yet?

Well, it should have been easier to accomplish as the "Shaytaan" is locked up. But it wasn't easy at all. You still had bad thoughts, you still slept through some prayers, you still got distracted while praying, you still lost your temper. People still did evil. People still kept killing, they still kept stealing. Why?

The devil wasn't there to drive you, to lead you astray. It was all you. Every time you sinned, it was all under your control. It was all you. You can't blame the devil this time, can you now?

Have you realized how lost you are? Because all this time it had been only you. What does the devil need to do nowadays? I wonder. I wonder and wonder. And my answer is "absolutely nothing". At least it doesn't need to work on us at all. Look at us. We are so lost. We are ruining ourselves. We don't need someone to pump us into doing evil. We are so enslaved by out heart that we follow everything it wants. We know the things we are doing are wrong but we keep going anyway. We know that death is unpredictable and we may die before our next breath. We know we are going to be held accountable for our deeds. So where is our fear?

You know what I think the devil does nowadays? He sits with popcorns in his lap and watches how we nail the job he was supposed to do. Have you wondered where have we reached?

We are lost, in darkness. Doomed in nothingness. We have fallen into an abyss wondering how we ended up here.
How do I know all this? Because I am one of them. I am lost too. I have seen people who have a bit left in them but the rest of us, we are just lost.
You know, no one but you can change that. But I feel, we lack motivation. Once in a while if you sit in an Islamic lecture, you feel your soul connecting again. You feel it coming back to life again. But we don't try. We are just waiting for something. But that something will never come. You have to take a step before it's too late. We all have to.


  1. Well written and sadly I'm one of these people also. Every word you have written is true. Your words are giving me hope to be better. Thank you and well written.

  2. Amazing as always.

  3. Every word is true. Actually we fear pushing ourselves. We run from anything that requires effort.. Anything that requires compromise. Nevertheless, realization is the first step.

    1. Yes i have felt that fear many times. You are right.

  4. "We are lost, in darkness. Doomed in nothingness. We have fallen into an abyss wondering how we ended up here."
    Punch line, kudos Zirva.



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