Saturday, 16 July 2016



“Why did you kill her?”

“For the sake of honor”, came the reply.

“And you think it was justified?”

“She brought disgrace to our family.”

“And a murder doesn't bring disgrace?”

“Not when it is done to save the honor.”

“And you think the honor is restored.”

“No, but no one will say we raised a characterless woman.”

“And they wouldn’t care about raising a murderer?”

“I saved the honor.” The persistent voice replied.

“But you already said it couldn’t be restored.”

“Sometimes we need to make amendments, something we don’t have a choice.”

“So you think there was no other choice than to kill her?”


“So you think humility she brought was worse than taking a life.”


“And if it were your son instead, if he had done the very same thing, would you have killed him too? For the sake of honor?”


"Why not?"

“Because the society never questions the honor if it’s a boy.” The answer was heard.


  1. People never think what they say and judge others quick enough and rather looking at mirror seeing themselves, they see others. Well written (y)



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