Monday, 13 June 2016


History is repeating itself. They say it’s the worst incident since 9/11. Once again, the name of the entire Muslim community is being dragged through the mud. What they fail to see, is that we have been through much worse. They think those people were killed because of being “gay”. Our more than 160 children were killed, what for? Being students? There is no Anti-American agenda here, there is only anti-Muslim agenda. If any of this were true, if Islam were the religion of violence, if the whole race were the terrorist, use your common sense you wouldn’t even be here today. Your ancestors would have been all dead, there would have been nobody left alive. Islam has been prevailing for 14 centuries, this hasn’t been happening for 14 centuries. This all started in the past two decades or so. Don’t be blinded by everything you see, don’t fall for everything you hear. Islam has nothing to do with any act of violence.



  1. This is so true. The Iraq war, World war I and II caused much destruction of the world and millions of innocent life were lost. People are blaming muslim community for the things they haven't done and forget what they have done in the past :'(. The only thing that saddens me up is how many life's were lost in war

    1. it is really sad but humans are typically bounded by their nature.

    2. Yup, killing each other just to achieve power and greatness but in the end everyone has to die. Keep on writing more and I'm a fan of your writing.



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