Tuesday, 28 June 2016


And there stood I, beside my grave
Watched all them lying, with all but crave
Not always was it a sight to see
While bodies lied there, the souls hung free
And as they entombed, what looked like a boy
His gleaming soul came jumping with joy
And far beyond what we heard was a scream
One struggling to break through like through a bad dream,
And all at once, we stood in vain
Watching the soul suffering in pain
Not unusual it was when we heard him say
He would do better if given one more day,
There was no good but the bitter truth aghast
What all had remained now was him with his past
And behind these walls, were they all lost in the glory
Little did they know, reaching its end is their story!
                               -Zirva Shabbir



Amidst the dust, And the foul stench, The loose torn clothes hanging on their bodies, Strained to the very core, The cold breeze wa...