Wednesday, 23 March 2016


You know, they say choose a friend wisely. And what's wiser than choosing a friend with a DSLR? If you want to see whether they are loyal to you or to the need of a good d.p every now and then, break the news of losing the camera for good and check how many of them stick around. (Tell you what, not many).

It's not fun to have something and not be able to show it off. Like for every DSLR owner, there has to be a selfie in the mirror or some picture with the camera in hand. Same way it's not great just to be good at studies and not degrade everyone else. Right? After all, "it's not bragging if it's true".

It's not hard to find a sleepy head in any class. In fact, what's harder to find, is someone who stays awake during a whole lecture. I don't think it can be achieved without some kind of dose or something.

Most probably those, who stay awake, are known as the REMINDERS. For they are the ones to remind the teachers of the forgotten quizzes and assignments. Damn those nerds.
Depending upon the field of study you choose, the number of geeks varies. From engineering to BBA, well, you get the picture.

In every class, there has to be a wolf pack. Always together. Well, every wolf pack needs an alpha. And the betas can  be deceptive. Still, having each others' back, resolutions!
And where there is a wolf pack, there is a lone wolf. Spot a corner, spot the lone wolf. True, lone wolves can't survive. Come on, it's university. You can't survive on your own. You have gotta interact.
The made for each others or can say the happily ever afters. Every class has those two, oh, I mean too*. It's fun to spot them, unless one of them is you.

They call it, "the age". Although most of us are too lazy to get all set, like every day. But there is someone who finds the time. The fashion club.You gotta get your everything on point no matter how long it takes. Better late than ugly, right?

And then the show offs. I'd rather THE BRANDED STOCK. Now, what's the point of spending 5k on a suit and not telling anyone? Their everything is branded, from dresses to shoes and bags, even their talks. How about, for the next time you don't remove the tag?
Treat, something everyone asks for. Everyone has been asked for. But the number of treat hoarders doubles in university. For everything, they demand treat. Well, those are lucky who actually get the treat.

The SARCASTIC ones are harder to talk to, for they never answer straight...

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