Tuesday, 23 February 2016


Either you are the sad face or you have been afraid of the mad face. There is no in between.
If I put that in the dollar terms;
If I receive a coin for every time someone asked me why so sad or mad, I, probably, would have been the richest person alive.
"Why are you so sad?''
"Why are you always angry?''
''Dude, why so serious?''
''Do you ever smile?'' "Nah, never learnt how to''.
SERIOUSLY, not my fault my smile is invisible, at least, I think I'm smiling, and if it gives you the impression that I am gonna kill you, who knows, I might.
Oh, do I look arrogant? aggressive? egoistic? sad? mad? Well, yeah, it's printed on my face isn't it?
You do know that I bite. Right? And you also know I shoot people in the face because that's all written on my face. Just like its written on everyone's face what they feel and think?
Just because my angry face game is always on point, doesn't mean I am the culprit, it makes me the victim.

See, it’s not easy to convince someone that you are smiling when they can't see it on your face. But trust me, there is a smile, like really big one.
See, I am not sad or mad or serious, it’s just, my output comes a little messed up.
Let me settle this matter, once and for all;
It's the FACE, the EXPRESSIONS, it’s not my fault.
Yep, I have it.
How do I convince people that I am not what I always seem? I am not the sad emoji. I am not serious 24/7. I am not about to cry, that's always gonna be there, I was naturally gifted with an ability to repel people, works like a charm for a misanthrope, though. And it’s probably useless to try explaining.
So why bother?
I look mad, whatever. I am mad, I am really aggressive. Yes, I am a serial killer, got a problem with that? Deal with it!


  1. HAHAH ! I love it!
    Serial killer you have an amazing mind and great expression to go with that !

  2. Replies
    1. I'll be waiting ! :D

  3. Ugh....i ve been through this ...like its my normal face i m nt arrogant neithr rude...



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