Tuesday, 16 February 2016


''I am so fat'', she will say, over and over again, till you stop bothering to tell her that she's not. No matter how many times she says she will start a diet, she will NEVER do so.
When she says something bad about herself, she is looking for a compliment in return. Trust me, she will keep insisting but don't fall for it, it's a trap. Say the opposite or she'll hate you forever.
When a girl says may be, she may mean 'Yes', (but don't wanna sound too desperate), she may mean 'No' (but don't wanna sound too rude) or she may mean 'Maybe', you never know.
How to know that a woman is mad at you?
Simply, she may seem a little off, or she may seem totally usual. See? that easy.
Mood swings? No, just that, she might go from you're love to don't ever show me your face again. But you surely saw that coming, didn't you?

Winning is winning. After all, ''All is well that ends well'', she could go to any length to win the argument. See, an argument is all about consistency and the fact that how long could you go with throwing words at each other and hoping that they would make some sense. But then again, if it doesn't make any sense, who cares, the game is still on. The other side will probably drop.
When she says, she doesn't have anything to wear, don't tell her, her closet is full, take her shopping.
Don't ask her WHY? Because she is a girl, that's why.
If she hates you, it's possible she doesn't have any reason for that, she will just be like ''NO'' whenever you come around.

What do you mean 'it says that in dictionary' , a girl barely means what she says.
Logic? You bet!
You don't understand her? No worries, she doesn't either.
A woman's brain is like math, pointless with so many stupid problems.
You think being a girl is easy? Try having a mumbo jumbo combination of thousands of thoughts all day long, and try to stay NORMAL.
She doesn't forget because her memory is weak, she forgets because she's too pre-occupied at the moment.
You still think being a girl is easy? Try the experience of brushing or straightening long, long hair, or even try putting them in a ponytail. Experience the struggles of pulling the hair out. Or waking up with a monstrous little devious pimple on your face, just the day before a party, or a big event, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Or the battle of putting the eyeliner
equally on both sides. Or the fear that haunts you all month long when you grow out of your favorite outfit. Or denying constantly that you are jealous. It's not easy!
She may cry without a reason, or she may laugh at a really old joke, she might even over-react to something small. Whatsoever, she is still happy. With all the struggles of heart and battles of mind, she still flashes a smile, she walks around okay. Don't ask why, because she's a girl, that's why.


  1. Keep up the great work of jotting down every single thing you perceive in an extremely different yet amazing manner. This one is one of your bests.

  2. Because she's a girl. Thats why (y)

  3. omg omg how did u knw i m going through all these situatn nowadays 😚i love this absolutely u put my thoughts into beautiful words ....u r awsome zirva love u 4 this ❤

    1. aww.. thank you , you guys are awesome too.



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