Sunday, 20 December 2015


We have come far, far enough that we have lost ourselves to the darkness that lied buried in our souls for centuries. Today, our souls are buried under the immense darkness, that there is not much of the souls left. Left enough to let us breathe, but not feel.
I am not saying that the sensation of pain is lost. We still ache, we still bleed, but only for what matters to us.
Wonderful it is, how we achieved the unimaginable, how we revealed the unexpected. The world is a wonder today. For ages, we ran the marathon of discovering the fantasies, turning them into reality. But in that race, we left something behind, far behind, our humanity, our souls.
We are so desperate to win this race that we will crush whatever lies in our way. We are not racing to win, we are racing to defeat the world. Victory is not the fun anymore, devastating loss is worth celebrating though.
Being a Muslim would be that hard, I had never imagined. I wonder, why out of all the religions, they always try to eliminate us? So hard, that they would push their humanity out of their souls, to do what? Defeat us? Eradicate us? For what possible reason? Because we are different? Aren't all religions different? What do they have to fear from us?
I don't exactly remember when this all started, well actually I can't recall what the safer world felt like. In fact, I don't even know, because I wasn't born in a safer world. I was born in the world of monsters, the world of beasts. The world I grew up in is a dreaded picture of deception and lameness. The world I live in has blood lust, it has a thing for other people's misery. A world where blood pool and blood bath are a source of pleasure.
Muslims had always been the target. At first, the mission was to scatter, to spread fear, to give them a blow and put them to rest. That worked, for quite some time. People were rattled. Nowhere was safe. They ached for the losses, theirs and for the losses of their brothers. Gradually they developed immunity. Or least I know that I did. I stopped caring for what happened outside. I shut it out, for I knew, there was nothing I could do about it.
From shopping malls to Mosques, from hotels to hospitals, from offices to school and colleges, everywhere was a massacre, a bloodbath.
But it didn't work how exactly it was planned, now the Muslims were fighting back, physically and verbally. When the world started to look at them doubtfully, calling them the extremists, the
"terrorists". They put the label on us, on what basis? because they saw a massacre? they saw the people who referred themselves as "Muslims" killing others in cold blood. So now every Muslim
was a terrorist. Well on that basis, there is a Christian mob out there, assaulting people, would you put the label on every Christian? Would you call each of them as a gangster? because according to the "rule" you must. if one Buddhist commits a crime, every Buddhist should be a criminal.
And then, even if we were the terrorists, why would we kill our own people? Why would we slaughter our own children? Our own loved ones?
Then when this failed, the mission shifted. To turn the whole world against us. Now terrorism is everywhere. Paris, Africa, round the world. And they would label them " Muslim shooters'', "Muslim
Let me tell you why. Because plan A failed.
they couldn't defeat us on their own. Because what they fear about Muslims, they saw a glimpse of it. Our "spirit" as we fought back. They knew they couldn't stop us. They also knew, they have fooled half the world into believing Muslims as terrorists. So the stupidity of the world to fall for what they "think" they saw, was an ultimate weapon for the plan B. So now, tell the whole world Muslims got tired of killing their own, so they decided to kill others. Perfect strategy to wage a war.
I wonder why we have to suffer. You saw what happened out there in the world. Did you happen to notice what is going on in Syria, in Kashmir? And let me tell you, "Muslims" are dying and "Muslims" are not killing them.
A terrorist is a human without humanity. And a human without humanity is a grenade. Combine them together and the yield is the atom bomb.
I ask you, how long do you have to suffer before you open your eyes to see the truth? How much more do you have to lose? How many more Muslims have to be blamed for a bunch of soulless people? TERRORISTS DO NOT BELONG TO HUMANITY  THEY DO NOT BELONG TO ANY RELIGION. Be it Islam or Christianity. How long will it take, for you to realise that?
This has to be stopped. The world has to be safer again. Or what we are looking at is world war III or massive destruction or anything but peace. What we are looking at is the loss of the tiny bit of humanity, the slightest of the souls left. We are looking at the "End of the world".
I ask you, you think Islam is extremism? You think our religion promotes violence? Open Qur'an. Read it. Find out the answers and you will be stunned. Islam is beautiful, if only Muslims of today followed it completely.
It is not just today, that someone is trying to eliminate us. It has had been happening for a very long time.
I ask you, to open your eyes, for your sake, for the sake of your loved ones, for the sake of humanity. Stand up. Raise your voice. You can do something and deep deep inside I think you know that. Let us save the world before there is nothing left to save anymore. Let's take an action before its too late. Put the differences aside, let the battle begin. The battle for your soul. Let us not let them win it!


  1. The title is so appropiate. Wish you a very good luck. Keep up catogoring your ideas <3

  2. The title is so appropiate. Wish you a very good luck. Keep up catogoring your ideas <3

  3. True every word! Keep it up ! its a start.



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