Wednesday, 5 July 2017


You clip off the wings from a butterfly
And you gift her, a garden, and wonder why
Is she not happy?
Why, of course she hasn’t learned
To be grateful
For what you do for her.
Because every time she looks at the sky,
The realization hits harder,
She is unable to fly.
Sure, you gave her the freedom
When you had her crippled,
So she may appear to the world, free
But she knows she is still caged.
Your kindness, your majesty,
How dare she defy?
That ungrateful goon,
Let her rot in her ugliness
That will teach her a lesson.
Why, she asked for more,
Let her have it.
But she didn’t ask for more, did she?
She didn’t even ask for what was hers.
You stole from her, her right,
And the world sang your praises,
Because they saw you planting roses,
They didn’t see the thorns you hid,
Your kindness, your majesty,
How dare she defy?
And now they see her cry,
They mark the tears as greed,
Stamp them as drops of lust.
That petty little thing,
Who’s gonna accept her?
If it weren’t for you.
She drips ugly,
Lacks colors.
You took her beauty,
And she never asked why,
Even if she dared,
You would have choked the words out of her,
But you didn’t wanna risk it,
So you cut off her tongue,
But the world didn’t see that either,
Because you fed them lies,
And the mask you had painted on your face,
Sold them all.
You built this fortress,
Of façade,
No one will ever cross,
Because no one cares about the truth,
As long as they have someone to blame,
And no one to protest,
The truth will be marked,
By the silence of the accused.
And you’ll call yourselves just,
You’ll call yourselves kind,
Another voice will be choked,
Another soul will be caged,
In this free world out here,
There will always be another one,
Till the end of the time,
There will always be another one,
Till it becomes,
The reason behind,
The end of the world.

Friday, 9 June 2017


Let’s take another round of the battling hearts.
Let’s look deep into what really smarts.
When the road gets tough, when the life gets rough
When you might be good but you’re not enough
And you feel so shallow, so hollow within,
And the evil is mocking you, with that monstrous grin,
And you try so hard to fit in the world,
That your image of self, in the way, gets blurred,
And you lose yourself trying to find a way,
You’re left alone, in the path, astray,
In an abyss you’ve fallen, in the dark you’re doomed,
The hope’s faded, the desire has fumed,
When the heart is weakened, when the spirit is down,
You need to put back, on your head, that crown,
There might seem a dead end but there’s always a door,
That leads you to a way if you take a step more,
To fit around here, you don’t need to change,
To survive out there, being normal isn’t the range,
Your Lord has carved you with love so much,
No match out there, for that is such,
Your life will get better, there is always a way,
Even in the dark, of hope, there is a ray,
You are a wonder; maybe you don’t have a clue,
But you are, in yourself, the perfect you.

Friday, 2 June 2017


They say childhood is the best time in one’s life
There is no struggle, there is no actual strife
It’s like a spring spent in a beautiful meadow,
Gazing the clouds from under the tall tree’s shadow,
All flowers are rising and dancing in bloom,
No agony there is, there lies no gloom,
Even the rainy days bring you joys,
You laugh, you sleep, you play with toys,
And the monsters in the closet might haunt you in the night,
But the guardians will protect you till the daylight,
I had heard this in the tales,
But when the dark prevails,
I am hungry and hopeless, I am so scared,
That even in this house that’s protectively layered,
I am yet unprotected,
Vulnerable and infected,
With the sickness of life,
That someone might bring a knife,
To end me soon,
Before the noon,
Like they have done to the others,
Killed the babies and the mothers,
The light is even worse,
It brings with it, a curse,
With the drones over our heads,
And the fire that spreads,
It sounds like a beast,
Coming for a feast,
Gunshots ring in the ear,
Pulse rising with the fear,
I peek through the window and there they stand,
With heavy arms resting in everyone’s hand,
And I realize the monsters in the closet is just a lie,
The monsters roam freely, to hide, they don’t try,
I wonder what it is that we have done,
That has brought them all under the sun,
To kill us all, to torment us, to make us pay,
Can it be undone? Whatever it is, I pray,
I don’t ask for my childhood, I just ask for a way,
A way to keep myself alive, and make my family stay,
Is there are world out there where lies no fear?
And a child goes to sleep without a single tear?
Maybe in an enchantment or in a wonderland,
There is some life and not a death stand,
Maybe the world isn’t such a hopeless place,
Maybe out there, humanity has a trace.

Saturday, 20 May 2017


Watching the last ray of hope
Flickering away into the nothing,
That last tiny bit of the souls
Fading away into the abyss,
I watch, astonished
What has the world come to?
Humans there are, humanity, no trace
Stubborn are the hearts, have lost their grace
What made them superior,
Has brought them down
From the realm of the skies
to beneath the ground,
These humans today,
Are nothing but the wild beasts,
Unleashed into the daylight,
Crawling in the midnight,
The monsters within them
Hiding behind the masks,
As if there was a masquerade,
Going on till eternity,
There lies deception, the fallacy, the facade
Trying to reach perfection, idealizing the regard,
The flames of passion are fuming within
The evil has conquered, the mighty sins win,
Pretentious they are, dead inside
Poison surging within, they walk beside.
Ah, humans they call themselves, humanity they speak,
The souls are trapped in the dark, the hearts are weak,
Weak enough to feel the pain, covered with lust,
humanity that there once was, turned ash and flew with dust.

Sunday, 7 May 2017


Let’s take another round of the battling hearts.
 Let’s look deep into what really smarts.
When the heart is weakened, when the spirit is down,
You need to put back, on your head, that crown.

Sometimes your heart feels hollow. You look at yourself and you're just not enough. Sometimes the society lets you believe that. You feel you lack something or maybe even everything. Because to you, the society appears better. Everyone appears better. Sometimes your ears are just yearning for someone to tell you something good about yourself. Sometimes when you walk among a group of people, you feel invisible.

Because the flaws of others aren't that bad but you, you're flawed to the very fiber of your being. Maybe you feel worthless. Maybe you feel you have all the things but they are just not enough.

Maybe there is a flaw that people notice way too obviously. Maybe that's not the case. Maybe you're the only one aware of that flaw.

Here's the thing about us humans, we have to believe what we hear. We are strangers to ourselves. In the reflection that stares back at you, if you look really deep, there won't be recognition. There would be questions, there would be labels.
Sometimes even when someone tells you that you're worth it, you feel incomplete. That they are just saying that to make you feel better. Because they are your friends and they would like to see you smile. Sometimes you just want an opinion of a total stranger, sometimes you wish to read minds. Sometimes you just need a certain someone to affirm that. And a lot times, the world doesn't work the way you want it to.

You're bound to feel all low and depressed about life, doesn't matter if you're a teen or an adult. You're bound to feel scared and worthless. But you need to snap back out of it.

If people can't see your worth, they are not worth it. If no one has told you how pretty you are, doesn't mean you're ugly, it means the right eyes haven't spotted you yet. In all those flaws of you, lies your perfection. You're not supposed to make yourself perfect through plastic surgeries or in games or even your fantasies. You have to realize you're complete or on your way to completion the way you are. God has carved you with love, He has made you beautiful, He has made you complete. There is no need to strive for perfection out there, there is not a perfect version of you, you don’t need to create the perfect you. YOU ARE THE PERFECT YOU.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

کبھی تم نے دیکھا ھے؟

کبھی تم نے دیکھا ھے؟
وہ باپ کی آنکھوں میں چھپا ھوا درد؟
جس کو اتنی مہارت سے ڈھک لیتا ھے وہ
کے تمہے گمان تک نہں ھوتا کہ اس کے رل پر کیا گزری۔
وہ جس کو تم غصہ کہتے ھو نا اسکا؟
وہ دراصل اس کا پیار ھوتا ھے
کبھی اس غصے میں چھپا ڈر دیکھا ھے؟
اتنا تھکا ھوا ھوتا ھے کہ مدتوں سونے کو دل کرتا ھے
پر تمھاری اک خھواہش پر جھٹ سے اٹھ جاتا ھے۔
دل پر کئ بوجھ ھوتے ھیں اسکے
پر جب تمھے خوش دیکھتا ھے
بہت ھلکا مہسوس کرتا ھے۔
تمہے کیا پتا کیا ھوتا ھے باپ،
سر پر اک سایہ ھوتا ھے
ھر آندھی سے ڈھکا کر، چھپا کر، بچا کر رکھتا ھے تمہے،
اور تم سمجھتے ھو کہ کچھ نہی کرتا تمھارے واسطے؟
کبہی سوچا ھے وہ دن کہاں گزارتا ھے؟
تمھاری ضرودتوں کو پورا کرتے کرتے وہ خود کو بھول جاتا ھے
پر کچھ نہی مانگتا وہ بدلے میں تم سے۔
اتنی پریشانیاں وہ دل میں دباے بیٹھا ھے
پھر بھی مسکرا دیتا ھے تمہے دیکھ کر ایسے
کہ جیسے پوری دنیا تم ھی ھو اسکی۔
تمہاری خوشی میں خوش رھتا ھے
کتنے دکھوں کے آگے ڈھال بن جاتا ھے۔
کیا عظیم ھستی بھی باپ ھے آخر
اپنی ھی آپ مثال ھے آخر۔

Saturday, 4 March 2017


So about those "pretty friends", why do they get to have all the beauty and what am I supposed to do with this brain of mine? Sell ducks? Because people always see faces before they talk. And I am no Einstein, but at least, I know their tricks.

Aren't we humans fascinating? The logical ones yet the most savage, the most blessed yet the least satisfied.

I ask you, to paint a picture in your head, but with all the emotions. Let's suppose you made something, something with every fiber of your being, with every bit of your soul, something you've carved out with so much affection, so much love that there is no match. And you give it to someone, and they think it's not enough. How'd you feel? If they keep asking for all the things you avoided putting in for the good of them and yet they keep demanding them, keep blaming you for not letting them have those, how are you gonna be about it? Or else, what if you had already decided to give it to them later, would you still want to?

You have this complaint regarding people that they don't see your worth, they don't appreciate you enough and yet you do the same, EVERYDAY? My Friend, have you ever thought about the time when you'd stand in front of your Lord and He asks, what made you think you were created lesser than others? How are you gonna answer that? Because you thought so? Because people made you think so?

Humans! What a pathetic creation we have turned ourselves into? Hungry, parched, lustful for more. What we have is what we don't want, and what we don't is what we desire. What we can't have is what we'd run after, and what we don't deserve is what we'd demand. Because the heart wants what it wants or else it does not care.

Why do you think imperfections exist? Do you wanna live in utopia? You'll die of boredom if everything is just perfect and there is no goal, no imperfection to work on. And there would be a time, when there would be perfection, perfection for eternity, perfection you'd never be able to have enough of, it awaits you in the hereafter, and it's how you deal with the imperfections here that'll determine whether you're worthy of those perfections or not.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017


So here is the irony.

I don't think pretty people understand the struggles we average-looking people have to go through, like every day. Like do they even know what's it's like to have a crush on somebody that is so way out of your league that you want to quit the planet and settle on Mars or somewhere else? Do they even know how hard is it to have your ugly day when you're not even good looking? Can they even understand the desire we have, to have a random confession over our "not-so-existent" existence?

It is so easy for them to deny our problems and go on rambling about their own. And are those even problems? So what if their crush didn't talk to them one day, my crush doesn't even know I exist, or worse, he might think I am some sort of a creepy stalker.

I don't think they understand the meaning of the term "getting noticed". When the spotlight is always on them and they are so blinded by it, it's hard to make a point.

And why on Earth would they not be satisfied with themselves? I mean, you freak, you're basically goals. Have you met us, potato-heads?

And I don't think they appreciate us enough for not being a competitor. Well now that I have mentioned it, I don't think humans have this ability to appreciate what they have, do they? You do so much for them, you put in your effort, your love, and at the end of the day, they'll only remember what you didn't do for them. Can they just not, for a moment, be grateful for everything that has been done for them?

No matter whatever you do, humans just never have enough.

Are you still waiting for the irony or have you already found it, you mind-freak?

(I'll be back.)

Friday, 27 January 2017


When you enroll yourself in university, you have already had a fair share of crushes. That is, of course, the normal standard. Even if not, you are very much likely to fulfill that share.

It's not like the start of teens when you have absolutely no clue as to what is going on with you. You have literally been there done that. Now I refuse to believe anyone who claims they have never had a crush. I am no lie detector but I can tell you you're full of shit if you make that claim. Because unless you're mentally impaired or missing a heart or from an alienated world, saying you never had a crush is a big fat lie.

By the time you reach university, you're no longer shy about your crushes anymore, if you were before. And if you still are, don't worry your friends will snap you out of it. Because that, my friend, is a major if you want to graduate.

Now there are two ways you could do this. First, you spot someone yourself and it's all on you. You might show your friends and their agreement may be an enhancement factor, but it's still you. Second, is when your friends make you take the fall. Now this could go down in two ways, first they make you spot someone you have never noticed and put it in your brain about how magnificent the creature is and your heart goes like *well, we haven't had a disaster in a while so why the hell not.* and second when they start teasing you with someone for no apparent reason and your poor heart fails to take the torture anymore and slips.

Love, my friend, is a powerful drug. It's a medicine to your soul, the pulse to your heart. And crush is a temporary form of love and whatever I said is crap because love is a DISASTER.

It starts easy. You have spotted a handsome lad or a pretty girl and you think wow. Then you start looking for them just for fun. The next thing you know, you have fallen. And damn, that's bad. And once you confess it to your friends, be prepared for all kinds of situations they will throw at you. The smiles, the looks, the gestures, you can't stop them from anything. They'd rather make it rain if your crush is around. And all you have to do is pray you don't get caught.

And I don't know if you know it already but if you are looking at one person, there are three others noticing you. So before you drool over someone notice where their friends are.

And like I said, a crush isn't a crush if it's not out of your league. And I'd go out of a limb here and be a little melodramatic and say that it hurts so bad. It totally depends on how you deal with it. You want to admit or stay in denial, you want to make fun or cry your heart out, you want to tell your friends or keep it a secret but what you can't control is how long are you going to stay crushed. Oh us poor souls.

And the jealousy you sign up for, for all the living breathing creatures around the person who has absolutely no idea you even exist. Ain't human nature fascinating?

It's about time you fall out of it and restore your state of mind to normal. But until then, I pity your damned soul.

Sunday, 22 January 2017



When you enroll yourself in university, chances are you haven’t met the world yet. And if you are an introvert, oh boy, life is brutal. When you enroll yourself in university, you make up some resolutions that are as hollow as the ideal concept of university life.

So you get up and you go to the university and start talking to the first person around you or you wait till someone comes to you. Now unless you are really pretty, chances of that happening are pretty rare. And for the first few days, or must I say, few weeks, it’s just the covers and not the books inside. Wanna hear something really crazy? Sometimes when you think you read the whole book, they burn the book and bring a new one. Now that sounds pretty much like a blab, but what I am saying is that you don’t get to see the people’s real faces in the freshmen year. Sometimes they wait too long, like till the last semester to show their true colors and leave you rethinking the definition of a best friend. Reality slap, too soon?

Two things you need to be on a look out for; first, beware who you call ugly in the first semester. Second, beware who you call your best friend in the freshmen year.
When you join university, you are either still a teen, or straight outta teens, either way; you are very much likely to find yourself in all kinds of trouble. The beginning is easy. You joke around, you have fun with your friends, you spot pretty hoomans and you end up developing a crush. And if your crush isn’t out of your league, it’s not a crush. If your crush isn’t out of your league, you are doing it wrong.

Crushes are fun when your friends have them. Because when you have it, it’s a disaster. And when your friend has it, you end up being more excited to see their crush than your friend. Little tip? Never tell your friends to look at someone when they are coming your way, because they will all turn around at the same time. So your crush isn’t a crush till they leave you crushed. Okay, I am exaggerating, they are not so bad. Because the best part about having a crush is, it fades away. Just like your best buddies when the mighty final projects appear and you are not a very bright mind.

Bombshell number I don’t know, when your friends are all pretty and people start developing crushes on them, ignoring your entire existence leaving you wondering if you are dead or invisible, helping you reach the height of inferiority complex, *well thank you, couldn’t have done it without you.*

But all is good because the reality kicks in a little late. So you enjoy the time before the storm comes shattering everything. But there is good in it, nothing like embarrassing yourself in front of your crush, or the talks or the fun you have with your friends. And you never know, sometimes when you turn the page on, the book gets even better.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


When you enroll yourself in university, your mind jots down some expectations, makes up some dreams, cooks up some fantasies that are all one touch away from being shattered like a glass. But you’re an innocent soul and you believe in all the fairy tales they told you when they said “JUST THESE TWO YEARS”, and sang you the praises of university life to sleep. Unless you have older siblings and you have already witnessed the tragedy, you are very much likely to receive a big fat reality slap.

Don’t feel too moved by their little gestures of putting the WELCOME FRESHERS signs, and never fall for all the lies they tell you in orientation and do not be touched by the big words of how much they care for you and how valuable you are to them and how guaranteed your future is. Every time you feel excited, Satan laughs at you.

And the seniors, why do you think they like ragging you? When you bear so much torture you turn into a sucker for pain, and that my friend, is the first clue you need to take. The game has just begun. They might have told you they are throwing you in the pool but they never said there is a shark waiting, just hit the bottom.

The first few weeks, they take you slow, and the only fear that surrounds you is those seniors on hunt for fresh prey. Other than that, everything goes okay. But as soon as the spirit of the seniors fades away, the teachers get into action. And all of a sudden, you’re lost. Stranded on an alienated desert, with absolutely no idea of what the hell is going on. The semester system, the grading, the quizzes, the assignments, everything starts to get out of control. Your system hasn’t adapted to theirs and the result is utter confusion. And somewhere in there come the Mids. And boy, aren’t those a thing?

When you are done with the Mids, you start to breathe in the air of the university and slowly start to acknowledge your fate, and you think okay, so that’s how you’ll deal with things and while you’re busy making that plan, you feel a big thump and damn, your titanic just hit the iceberg. And there come crashing the mighty final projects, all at the same time, all so tough and y’all be drowning. And there is no Jack who’d sacrifice himself for you, just all selfish people who’d throw you to crocodiles if they have to, and the Roses that will let you drown.

And while you’re lost in that, trying to find the way out, they keep throwing all the course at you and before you can take a deep breath and sort out, finals knock at your door. And there, there, the semester’s over.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Tick tock, look at your clock, the year is almost over.

No matter how realistic you are, this still comes as a relief. But there is a little fear, because it isn’t over yet. 2016, going once, going twice AND SOLD for being the worst year so far, for some of us, most of us. It’s not that 2016 hasn’t had any good moments, of course it did, but the bad moments cheated on their fair share and so they exceeded. Let’s all admit we hate it and want it to be over soon. We don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with it anymore.

It will go away, pretty soon. But why do we wish to be done with it? Like the moment the clock strikes 12, the curse that had been put on 2016 will be lifted all of a sudden and 2017 will magically make everything just fine. I don’t wanna be the buzz kill here and murder all your hopes and slaughter your confidence, but this calendar thing, it’s man made. There is no curse, just like there is no magic out there.

Let’s not think about all the what if’s because we are already emotionally too crippled. But still, one question remains. Would 2017 be any better?

You never know what you are walking into when you congratulate yourself that you just made it through one more year. But let’s take a moment and reflect. Why? Why did 2016 have to be this bad? Why was it cursed? You think time had anything to do with it? Did nature? Think again. Can we, for a moment, think that this all might have been our own fault? That we brought it on ourselves?

Look at us; we are so lost, in our own battles, the battles that end up in blood, in pain and in misery. And we are all immune to the misery of others.  Feelings have replaced demands, lust has overcome love. Where is our humanity? Sleeping? Slumbering? Or dead? Why don’t we feel a thing? We are the deadly beasts in the worst form ever. The beasts we make up to be supernatural, there is nothing fictional in it, no fantasy, we are the beasts. There is no evil force in the aura, it’s the darkness within us, we are the evil.  So if we are doomed, we are doomed for a reason. May be it wasn’t 2016 at all, it was all us. What goes around comes around, right? So it came around, and it wasn’t pleasant, was it?

So why are we expecting 2017 to fix our problems when we are the problem. We have got to make this right, fix ourselves, find the lost souls from the abyss we left them in. Try to feel again, try to be human again. 2016 could just have been a trailer, do not wait for the movie, make your move. This is what needs to change. This is the only New Year resolution that will matter. Pin it on the top of your list. You don’t want to face the music just yet. WAKE UP, IT’S TIME TO CHANGE. WAKE UP, IT’S ALMOST NEW YEAR.

Saturday, 10 December 2016


Ever sat with a pretty friend of yours and wondered what kind of a potato you are? Ever talked to a smarty pants and felt your mental level matching that of a two years old? Ever seen so many talented people and found yourself wrapped up in an imaginary invisibility cloak? Ever been intimated by someone being good at the same thing as you? It’s okay. That’s all normal. But in case you haven’t, well, congratulation, you are a narcissistic asshole.

Intimidation, fear of being invisible, not good enough, suffering from inferiority complex, that’s a package that comes with age, and acknowledgment till you grow mature enough. But until then, you have to survive. Sometimes it’s okay to feel a little less worthy, a little less important, but that doesn’t mean you have to shift into a full-on hopeless mode. Sometimes you don’t see it, sometimes even others don’t see it but you have a gift that others lack. You have that talent buried deep inside you, carve it out.

Indeed you have flaws, we all do. The beauty isn’t in perfection. It’s in how you deal with your flaws. Step one is to accept your flaws, acknowledge your shortcomings and make peace with them. Step two is to try to focus on everything you have that plenty out there lack; fully functioning body, a home, enough to eat. If you have all that, and you are still not thankful, the only thing you’re lacking here is gratitude and my dear friend, fix that attitude. If you find it missing, then look at all the people in need and feel grateful.

Not everyone finds their special quality soon enough. Sometimes you just have to wait for someone to tell you, and that someone can come in your life anytime. And sometimes that someone is you. You are not inferior. If you love two people equally, would you give one more than the other? Would a parent be kinder to one child than the other if he loved them the same? And we are just humans, we are flawed, we can’t pull off justice perfectly, but He is the Creator, the Almighty, the Perfect, and He loves you, so why would he make you any less than others? Just because you haven’t figured it out yet doesn’t mean you don’t have it. Just wait till you discover it and then say ALHAMDOLILAH.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I don't think people today understand what war actually is. It's not just a hate story you read through in course books. And it's definitely not anything like in the movies. There is real damage. Because it's real life. Here, if you lose your Bucky, you lose him for good. Now you ain't gonna bump into him one day again. Because he is not a super soldier. Because you can't undead people in real life.
I don't know what kind of fantasy you have created in your minds. It's not a cricket match that you could just win or lose. There are no winners in war. There is no victory. Just loss. Loss of real blood. It doesn't matter whose. Humans might win a war but humanity, humanity always loses.
What do you think happens when a war breaks out? You think you'd just win it and go back to having an awesome life? Hate to break it to you but God forbid if a war breaks out, your life is over. The damage doesn't last till the war is over. It lasts a lifetime. It lasts generations.
Next time you drive through, look out and notice how normal everything appears. Notice those people standing casually carrying out their daily chores. Your city might not be perfect but it's bright and full of life. What do you think happens in wars? Nothing will be left of it.
And nuclear war? Say who you are gonna tell when there would be nobody to tell? Huh? Historians would write two nations who eradicated each other's existence on a dispute that would have been resolved otherwise.
This hatred you have, it's in your blood. But for the love of God, love your country enough to protect it. When push comes to shove we will have a war. What good does it do to ourselves? Who knows we might win. Who knows we may even get Kashmir back.
But let me ask you something, is raging out on social media gonna help get you through? People are not having civilized arguments, they are literally bashing each other and in doing so, they are crossing limits. The other day I read a tweet where an Indian had mentioned the APS Peshawar incident with "laugh as much as you can". So you are declaring us a terrorist state. Where is your own humanity? Do you think you can use other people's suffering to win an argument? How conservative can your thinking be?
Can you not, for once, resolve this incident with your minds and not the bloodlust that has been blinding you. It's for your sake and for the sake of your loved ones. War is nothing but a disaster. If they are doing so, you don't have to be like them. Show them you are better. Say no to war, not because you can't do it. But because you deserve peace.

Monday, 12 September 2016


“Grow up”, they said.

“It’ll be fun”, they said.

Let me ask you something. On a scale of one to ten, how eager were you to grow up? Well, one being the lowest degree, I’d like to rate my eagerness as ZERO. I don’t know I guess I had always known what waited for us out there. And if you still haven’t figured out what I am talking about, let me spell it out for you.

“It’s a freakin’ trap.”

Does it make you sad knowing that some of the best moments of your life are the ones you don’t even remember? Back when you were the boss and everything was by your side? All you needed to do was, oh well, what does a baby need to do? That’s right. CRY. Hungry? Cry. Thirsty? Cry. Bored? Duh, cry. Cry and seek attention. Sleep all day, cry all night. Boy, those were the days.

Ever look at a baby and not feel envious? You ask me, I think babyhood is the best thing to have ever happened to anyone. Everything is so perfect. Everything you do is such a big deal. “Aww, look at that tiny little thing, I could watch her slumber all day.” “Look at those tiny little feet.” “OH MY GOD, HE TOOK HIS FIRST STEP.” “SHE JUST SAID HER FIRST WORDS, HAPPIEST DAY OF MY LIFE.” You got a fair picture of what’s it’s like to be a baby.

There was a time when people waited hours for you to say something, that something being utter nonsense. And now? Now you talk, nobody listens. Back then, they cherished your giggle. Laugh now, and you definitely end up offending someone. You cry, they roll eyes. *sighs*

But, what if, it’s not as perfect as we think it is? I mean, by far, we have all learnt how things appear so different from what they really are. For instance, how dangerous can a piece of paper be? And when the same piece of paper shows up at your desk in an examination hall, no, no, I shouldn’t be opening those gates anytime soon. What I am trying to say is that maybe it was not all good. Maybe there were times we wouldn’t have cherished remembering. Maybe we felt desperate to be understood. Maybe the pain we endured while getting our teeth wasn’t worth remembering. Or maybe we don’t remember because it makes life easier to bear.

From babyhood to childhood, things go smoothly. There is school though, but it’s not so bad. And just as when you start making peace with your life, teenage happens.

And we all have a fair idea of what teenage is like; a rollercoaster of emotions and disasters, an awkward ugly phase and a list of never ending crushes. If I be more precise, teenage is like somebody strapped you to a roller coaster and put on the “FINAL DESTINATION.” but that is still okay. ‘Cause the worse is yet to come.

You know what the difference between teenage and adulthood is? Teenage was just a motion ride while adulthood is the actual roller-coaster. It’s messier. You get a lot of surprises. Betrayals and responsibilities gift wrapped at your doorstep, delivered to you, every passing day.

And the pile of responsibilities keeps loading and loading till you start to bend under the pressure. That’s your cue to know you’re old. And before you know it, it’s all gone. You are feeble, weak, dependent. Your memory is cloudy, your judgment’s vague. You are just like a child, only in a much worse form. Because at first, you didn’t have it. Now you have lost it. Your strength, your intellect, your immunity, it all starts to fade. And so do you. The pain, oh that loneliness and pain.

Oh wait, no, don’t go for the window, there is plenty good in life. Like, like… talk to some optimist, maybe?

So, I ask you, what is it about the birthdays that excites you so much? I mean you are practically a year short to life. (I get why a pessimist would be happy). You are growing towards the age of never ending responsibilities and deceptions and harsh reality slaps, not to mention, failing health, feeble bones, weaker mechanisms. So you still excited to grow up kiddo?

Sunday, 14 August 2016


Rainbow, as it appeared; the little-colored flags dangling from one rooftop to the other. And among all those colors, the magnificent green flags with the crescent and the star stood out.

This all started decades ago. Almost seven decades ago. Nothing was normal. Crises had taken over and one thing led to the other. Among those streets, lived a proficient poet, a remarkable philosopher. He had this crazy idea, an idea which seemed like a day-dream, a myth. And among those streets lived another man, a legend with a power to bring the myth to life. Long story short, they did it. That idea gave birth to a very beautiful place; a place as beautiful as its name. And this is how, my friends, Pakistan came into being.

You take a piece of land from someone; you don’t exactly make it to their good books. India wasn’t the only one who lost something that day. That land was once ours until the circumstances forced us. And I might have made it sound easy, but it took more than just a great poet and a remarkable leader. We paid with the blood of our loved ones, to get this country. Those stories are heart-wrenching.
Every year, this day is a reminder of what we have been through, why we have suffered, and how much we are blessed. I remember it used to rain, every 14th of August and they used to say it’s because of the sacrifices we have made. I remember how it made the decorated flags fall to the ground. Till one year, it stopped. It didn’t rain. Had the sacrifices lost their worth? I wondered. And I reflected that we had made them seem worthless.

Why did we need Pakistan? I tell you what, not for this. We wanted a free country because we wanted to practise. We wanted to live as Muslims. Look at us, what we have become, what we have done to ourselves and the precious land. What we have done to the blood that made this soil fertile for us. Oh Lord! What have we done?

Those mothers that sacrificed their sons, that youth that chose to die so that we can live in peace. How can we do this to them? How can you say that it’s worthless? That this country is hopeless. How? How can you say Pakistan hasn’t given you anything? How can you be so thankless?
When they paid with their lives and blood, they didn’t pay it so we can be liberals and fight each other and run after western culture and forget why we needed the country in first place. It wasn’t for us to divide and fight, we were supposed to be united, and we were supposed to pay back. When they died before they could even smell freedom, they hoped that we will make it count. But what did we do? We scattered and hated. We forgot and criticized.

Pakistan didn’t fail us. We failed Pakistan. We failed our ancestors.

So will you just put a green flag on and think you’ve done your service. Or will you stand up and actually do something that counts. Will you make their sacrifices worth something? Will you show the world why we created it?

Pakistan awaits you, to stop ruining it and start making it better. It’s your home. Make it your pride.


So the month has arrived and so has the day, time to show what a patriot you are and soon as it’s over, go back to ranting about what a mess this country is and how there is no hope because “IT’S PAKISTAN DUDE.”

We; the social media addicts. Everything has become some typed words or posted pictures for us. So just like on every birthday around, we post a few pictures and write a long ass wish for our friends. We are gonna do the same. How much we love our country, we are gonna crack jokes on how our leader tricked our neighbor’s into delaying their independence. Well, that was pretty cool. Anyway, what I am saying is that it’s okay to butter your friend and say lame stuff to please them. But like everything else, your words might not mean anything unless your actions back them up.

You know what my least favorite subject in school was or in college? Pak studies. And yet I claim to be a patriot. I am not lying I love my country. But I do lose hope. I know nothing about this country and I play absolutely no role in making it a better place. So my claim might not be a lie, but it is a hollow claim. I love you Pakistan but I am not gonna do anything for you. What can I possibly do? I am not sure.

I have seen people, mocking this country. Abusing and accusing it. It’s not Pakistan. Pakistan isn’t the problem. You are. You freakin’ useless critic, you’re the problem. When I said it’s us who are the problem someone said Pakistan is nothing without us. Wrong, we were nothing without it. Pakistan gave us a name, a relation, a relation that runs deep within our veins, just as the blood runs through them. Leave the country, go where ever, your home stays within you. Even if you have yourself convinced you hate it, there is no place like home out there.

When I was little, I remember how the streets were decorated.  The excitement I used to have, it’s no more. And even as I am writing this right now, there isn’t a flag waving on our roof top.
So ask yourself today, who is to blame? Does your home run itself or do you have to run it? What makes you think Pakistan is the problem when you’re not even trying to make it any better? It’s like staring at a glass from a distance and blaming it for not coming to you. Wake up! They thought this country wouldn’t last longer and yet these 69 years have been a slap in the face for them. I know Pakistan has been falling ever since Quaid-e-Azam passed away. But can’t you see it’s meant to be? It’s still here. It’s still out home. So for the love of God, wake up. Do something. Be someone for the country. Pakistan has given you a lot, give it something in return.

Pakistan, we’re sorry. You haven’t failed us. We have failed you.

Sunday, 31 July 2016


Ask your mother if you could order in a pizza tonight and she will tell you how they are already wasting money on your tuition. Tell her your throat is sore and she will tell you it’s because you were on your phone all day. No, your complexion isn’t going darker because you were out in the sun all day; it’s because you don’t eat what she gives you. Is it just me or does your mother also tell you how ugly you are getting because you don’t sleep early at the night? Tell your parents how you scored 99.9% and they’ll tell you how it’s not 100%. "What do you mean the whole class failed the test? Those who passed are not anybody’s children?" What even?

“Hey mom, can I go out with my friends today?”
“Ask your dad.”
“Dad, uh-“
“Ask your mother.”
When did you guys plan this move?

Ask them to plan an outing and they’ll tell you they are busy making money to throw in the garbage. It’ll take you a while to realize that you are the garbage.

You know how they say women always win the argument? Pfft, have you met a desi dad?

Freedom of speech this and freedom of speech that, bruv I am a desi kid, freedom of speech to me is as real as Santa and unicorns.

“baita, it’s your life, do whatever you want with it, just be a doctor, marry the spouse we choose, come and go at times we tell, eat what we say, sleep when we ask, beat Abdullah sahib's, Kamal sahib's , Auntie Naseem’s child and all the children that exist in the same grade as you, round the globe…*silence*, you can go to the bathroom whenever you want, though, it’s your life after all.”
Tell your parents you want to make a decision for yourself and they’ll remind you how you pulled a door that said push. I am not saying you won’t be allowed to make decisions, but they won’t be for you, they’ll be for your kids. That’s how it goes in here.

You know, I had a test recently and my father asked me why I wasn’t worried about it. The next day he said. “No pressure baita, stay calm” ...

You know how cute it is, when your parents tell the most embarrassing incident from your childhood just to amuse a bunch of people and they stare at you with such judgmental eyes measuring on a scale of one to ten, how red is your blush?

You break a glass, you break a glass. They break a glass, “Who put that glass here?”

“I am bored. Let me call a kid and give him a lecture about something.”

You know what’s funny? They won’t remember your birthday, but what they will remember is the thing you said to them 7 months ago. Apparently, that one made its way to the long-term memory and not your birthday.

Believe me, every parent, every single one of them thinks his/her kid is the worst child on the planet. If you arrange a debate on the topic "whose kid is the worst?" Trust me; they will kill to prove it’s theirs.

“Time is money and laziness is a crime, but puttar come downstairs and hand me over the glass of water that’s lying two steps away.”

“When I was your age….” And a superheroic movie begins.
 The green land of the crops
Water from tube well drops,
Buffalos around the stand
A boy from never land
Does all the chores of home
Before the rise of dawn.

What a heart-wrenching story.

They slam the door, they slam the door. You slam the door, you’re freakin’ dead.

Do I even need to mention what happens while they are trying to sleep and when you are?


I can go on all day but this will never end. The weirdness will continue and you’ll keep asking; Why in the heavens and the earth do they have to be this weird.

And when you sit down to gather stuff like that, it’s like a never-ending list; Things peculiar yet familiar about them. Actions that bug you and then the other time amuse you. After all, they are your parents and this is what makes them special, the way they are, the WEIRD them. You might say sometimes that you don’t like them but you love them always and they love you, more than anything. The reason that makes them strange and odd is that they helplessly adore you. Know it or not, but that’s what makes your day, that’s what gives you a reason to smile and laugh and even cry. They are the reason you are in this world. They are the reason you have grown up this much. That’s what parents are. That’s why parents are so weird!