Friday, 25 August 2017


Have you heard that really great joke about women? Yes, I am talking about whichever came to your mind. Funny, aren’t they? Stand up against one, and suddenly you’re a feminist- the most loathsome thing there is to exist out there. No, I am not saying there are no jokes about men. Of course, there are, just not as many as for women. Do you know how easy is it to set a man off? Say the three magical words, “fragile male ego” and boom, you’re golden. You could, of course, use the alternate three words and say, “men are trash” – the explosion effects are pretty much the same. And now that I have established quite the reputation of a feminist, hate to break it to you- but you’re wrong.

It’s dark ages. We are at war. You’re not doing social media right if you don’t indulge in one. It’s either men are trash or feminists are trash. It’s either the fragile male ego or stupid feminist thinking. I mean, come on? Why do they ask for gender equality when they can’t treat men the same way? They can’t stand in the bus, and they want to demand equal rights? For the love of God, they can’t even open the jar lid by themselves and they want their names put in with the jobs alongside men? Such dull-witted creatures they are, women. They are better suited in the kitchen, and can’t they just stick around their gossips? Their arguments are pointless anyway.

You know who else loves to shop? Men. Go on, call me a liar. Maybe they are not as indecisive as girls; maybe they don’t melt over the things they weren’t supposed to buy, maybe they don’t buy the things they surely didn’t need- THAT FOOTBALL JERSEY WAS IMPORTANT. Do you know whose mood is unpredictable as well? Men. You can set them off by something so little, you wouldn’t understand. You think all men make sense in arguments? Whatever lies get you through the night. Do you know who else likes to gossip? Men. Of course, they are not as such tattle tales and they have the bro-code so they don’t go stabbing their fellows in the back and plotting evil strategies, but don’t tell me they don’t gossip. Who do you think has spread all these things about women? Their gossiping, shopping, mood swings and on and on? MEN. But, of course, as long as it’s the truth- it shouldn’t be rendered gossip, right?

It is cool to say you hate everyone and there is a generalized understanding that exceptions are made even in that case, but not when a gender is involved. It’s stereotypical, it’s racist, it’s sexist. There is so much hate in this world. I haven’t seen as many feminists out there as much I have seen the haters of it, the anti-feminist club.

Women should not take offence of all the jokes because they are just jokes (with the hint of truth obviously). I mean, come on, where that sense of humor at? Laugh it off, be the laughing stock. Shouldn’t hurt your feelings, because seriously, girls- you know you can’t drive, you know you’re shopaholics, you know you are dull-witted, you don’t know your way around the car’s engine, you don’t know the specs when you buy your gadgets. You do betray men with all that make up, and you do look like a man because you don’t keep yourself groomed. No, I am not body shaming you; I am just saying you’re not curvy enough for my liking. Why do you complain about your weight? Nobody’s calling you fat, (well, not out loud, at least).

Am I a feminist? Well, if all men are trash is the new definition then I most certainly am not. I don’t hate men. I honestly find women more evil than men. I do envy the bro-code and the friendships boys have and damn, I love those side hugs. I know how it sounds. But see, I am not taking any sides. I don’t believe all men are horrible- I have seen otherwise. The world is a diverse place.

Here’s the thing- there is no such thing as gender equality. Genders were not created equal; the differences were created to complement each other. I believe there was a time when feminism meant for something. There was an agenda, not hatred. It’s not about gender equality, it’s about gender equity. It’s not the similar treatment, it’s the treatment deserved by each.

Tell you what, if you’re offended by something as pointless as a statement like fragile male ego- YOUR EGO IS FRAGILE. You’re not supposed to empty your seat for a girl if you don’t want to. You don’t do it because it’s a custom, you don’t hold a door for a woman to be a man, you do it because you are one, you do that because you’re a gentleman. And if you wanna go rub it in the faces, please don’t do it. And if you wanna question why that had to be the grounds for being a gentleman, again, don’t do it.

Not all men are same. I have seen men accepting the shortcomings of their gender. I have seen men being protectors just like I have seen women accepting their mistakes and apologizing (though once in a blue moon). I find it adorable that girls have to go ask boys to open up the lid, yes, because that’s complementing the shortcomings. If the male gender is blessed with greater physical strength than the female, there is no need to boast about it.

Enough with the stereotypes of the society, when are we gonna get past those? Stop bashing each other with labels. Crying is not for the weak, a man can cry and a man shall cry when he wants to. A girl can parallel park if she’s into driving. Stop being so obsessed with your narcissistic self. Get over yourself, there are a thousand better than you. Get out of that small little box in your head, learn to think beyond it. Don’t make a girl wish she were a boy, make her feel safe. Don’t plot your evil strategies to get the guy or his money; he did not earn it for you.

Everything is not a joke. Why is to so easy to label and bash women and joke about them? You know why women started asking for equality? LOOK AT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR WOMEN. They are not objects of your fascination. And most certainly, they aren’t your house-elves. They have desires that are often masked by the fragility of their own gender. If women had been treated the way they deserved to be treated, they wouldn’t rise up against men. They wouldn’t have to feel harassed enough to develop hatred. Joke about it when you know they have been treated the same. The whole lot of you, none of you would make it out sanely if put in their shoes. Joke about it when that little girl did not have to mask her desire because she was a female. Joke about it when that girl did not longingly wondered that she were a boy.


  1. Well i would kinda blame our nature for this. After observing things, we want to feel superior and nobody wants to feel inferior. People tend to go for easy target to feel superior like for example men go for women as their target to make themselves feel superior and women as part of being human don't want to feel inferior and stand up. ( same would apply if things would be opposite like in school where girls can be the bully ). Also there is no bro code and no need to envy us men for that. It's nothing but a lie and deception because everyone carve their own skin. The so called friends or bro would betray when you truly need them. People tend to get envious and its one of the worst disease. Well i could share so many things because i observe myself and people around me. Though i would definitely want to know how girls tend to feel and react to situations and reasons for it ( just for knowledge ) but the negativity these days. Anyway no gender is more evil than the other. I've definitely observed more girls wishing to be boys because of the society these days. There are so many things i can share. Anyway Sorry about all this. I'm sharing the facts I've learned and ideas.

    1. There is no need to apologize and I am glad you mentioned that bro-code isn't what it seems to be. I just haven't seen many secret-spilling boys, maybe because I haven't met many. I would love to discover more. And basically, evil is in the nature of human. I just grew tired of all these feminists and anti-feminist wars over the social media and pointless arguments and jokes.

    2. I hate these wars especially between the countries in sports or any other but i know the reasons behind the wars that are happening and some human nature. As long as the people think they are stronger than others, they will oppress others ( for pleasure, i have a theory on this but i need more data on it lol, pleasure may vary for every person) and cast them as weak and others deny that they are weak and the wars go on in many ways. Then there are those who want to be with the so called strong and climb their way from weaks (art of deception and manipulation techniques are used here). In the end we all are weak and same but nobody accepts that because they want to be one in million which leads to them thinking that they can do whatever they want and it goes on forever. Probably its basic surviving instinct since being leader of pack means you get all and do all. Anyway it is dumb but you should leave them as it is. It can be sad too at certain times and situations. Anyway i just love to gain knowledge about anything and everything and my curiosity leads the way. Well if you want to discover more then you should read "48 laws of power". It is a powerful book and maybe ugly for some people. Hoping you use it as positive and not for wrong purpose (you'll know what i mean when you finish it). Well also it's related to both genders. However, it does not certain parts of men that men do or why they do. ( which i discovered about myself and people around me ). Well there are more books too but if you get curious , I'll share them up. Personal experience too as part of research.

  2. Yes, thank you. You write well.
    I'll put the book on the reading list.
    And yes, I second your opinion.
    P.S: I don't really know why you have to share your wisdom anonymously.

    1. sorry about that. I'm pure introvert, anti-social, isolated person and i don't trust anyone. There are many reasons why many introverts like being anonymous e.g I'm not the only who reads your blog so revealing my identity and my ideas means I'm open which leads me to think i would become exploitable, for others it would be the "rejection". Rejection to their ideas would leave them to think they are being rejected, if anonymous and idea gets rejected it would still hurt them but but not much since people wouldn't know whose ideas is this. Many introverts are like this. There are more reasons too. I don't mind the rejection, i just hate being vulnerable. Anyway if you were to know who am i then I'm a/the (depends if i was the only one) person who told you to keep on writing blog a long time ago. well i don't mind sharing knowledge because i believe person who seeks knowledge, deserves it.

    2. I am fairly positive not many people read my blog. As for the rejection, I wouldn't quite agree and that does not mean I am rejecting your opinion. I just think there a other ways to handle difference in opinion. I might write about it as I will about being an introvert. I have been meaning to, for a while. And okay, I might have a clue.

  3. Well i probably estimated most introverts would be like this based on seeing two or more people. Anyway i guess everyone can be different based on environment. I would love reading it. It'll help me more in understanding people :)))

  4. What's your point here? Are u offended by jokes about women or by the fact women are women and men are men. Just a simple question i have, if a strange boy comes to you and ask you something. Shall u talk to him like any other person in your cycle or shall you just excuse him??No one is sitting somewhere writing jokes about women they are mostly realities and someone personal experiences. Am not saying they are dumb but certainly they don't have that much exposure to everything around them as for a man and that's the reason there are not as much jokes about them. You might be using social media. How msny jokes you heard about a teacher or doctor or about some accountant?? Engineers are mostly targeted. They should organize a rally i guess in their defense right??? Women, So they do make silly pointless mistakes and that can take form of a joke.women are sensitive creatures and that's how God make them. Its in their nature. No need to fight against it.

    1. Wow, seriously? Are you too blinded to see the realities? I am not siding with anyone here. I am sick of the feminism and anti-feminism wars going on. The point is, a limit, that apparently people tend to ignore. And the sensitivity is the reason I am talking about jokes here. I am not offended by anything but negligence.
      And as for your question about the random guy coming to talk to me, it all depends on the approach. What's the point?

  5. which limits and what realities are you talking about??? there should be a limit while someone is making a joke??seriously?? will that be really a joke?? are you telling me that a woman's sensitivity is offended by the jokes??? c'mon jokes are jokes that what joke literally means to make fun.. it is just for fun thing... if someone can not neglect a joke then GOD helps her/him.
    Personally i think woman's sensitivty is more offended by no one else but herself. If she knows how to respect herself then everyone will. And being a narrow minded which you think of me after what am going to say just tell me what's the point of sitiing for a girl in a group of 6 or 7 boys?? "we are friends"?? let's face reality one of them is looking for a chance to propose her. One of them assuming is her real friend, Rest of them are staring her u don't want to know. I am a boy and i know they can scan a girl from hair to toe and then they can spend their whole day giving their analysis blah blah.... am not saying that woman should stay away from male friends or whoever she thinks they are but when you are applying limits on one thing that u think affects a woman's sensitivity then why not on others aspcets of life too or that will bound them from having fun???

    1. There is a reason sense of humor is important. There is always a limit. You don't joke about everything. You don't joke about people's insecurities. If you're unable to understand that, I don't have to bother explaining.
      As for your pieces of advice, I quite understand those.

  6. about that question.. Just seeking attention LOL

  7. point out one joke that has crossed your level of "limits", and i shall capitulate.
    You don't owe me any explanation, but when you are blogging something you should have courage to listen others opinion. "One cannot be right all the time".

    1. Oh, I listened to your opinion. Not my fault you felt I lacked the "courage". Honestly, you're stuck on one point literally ignoring the whole theme. And as for the point, you're still too negligent to see. And thanks again for letting me know something I already know. Try applying it your way too.

    2. I hate to reply but @someone i feel like you got some negative view towards women. First LOOK AT OUR SOCIETY. Do we even treat women equally? They usually don't go outside the house until college/university(hanging out). Unlike we boys have the freedom to go out whenever we want and where ever want. Don't you think they would want the same? Also about women sensitivity, I BLAME THIS FRICKEN SHITTY( no offence) SOCIETY. Well what if the world was the other way around? What if girls and boys swap their places. Now imagine getting we will see girls with personality of boys and boys with personality of girls and why would be that? Because we have the SAME BRAIN ORGAN. Now to the point of girls sitting with 7 group of boys. SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANT , KEEP YOUR EYES AND MIND TO YOUR SELF IF YOU CAN'T MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Now this is the proud moment. You just pointed out that boys can be disgusting which we are because we can't control our stupid thoughts. So then your a boy. Be proud to be among the disgusting, pathetic males of humanity.
      (Sorry i may have gone a bit far and lost too lol)

    3. Thank you for this step. Well written.

  8. Brother Women have equal rights like men. But if you think that women are equal as men then buddy you are being mislead. Don't confuse their rights with their equality to men. They can feel like men, have feelings like men, have same equality and dignity, have same equality in knowledge, individual duties, like men in fact everything what a man feels she also does but does that mean they are men??? Sorry bro they are not.Here are some reference in light of Holy Quran and Hadith

    Woman equals man in humanity, creation, dignity, religious duties, education, rearing, morals, responsibilities, consequences, and transactions. However, Allah says:

    (And the male is not like the female) [Al Imran, 36]

    I never wanted to say any of that and this on Platform like this but because as you felt you have gone so far so just continue reading this

    (And among His Signs is this, that He created for you wives from among yourselves, that you may find repose in them, and He has put between you affection and mercy. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who reflect.) [Al Rum, 21]

    This weakness and these attractive characters make men repose to women. Tackling the differences between women and men is a long topic, but I chose some of the differences to talk about which is better than leaving the topic althogether.
    they (Women and men) are made for each other, they are not equal at all in the way you mentioned, Allah says:

    (Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means.) [Al Nisaa, 34]

    I want to draw your attention to an important fact. Having stronger emotions and weaker psychological and mental ability is considered perfection for women, and the opposite is also true for men.
    Think of the difference between cars and trucks in respect of distributing functional areas. The car has more space for passengers while the truck has more space for goods. The area of each is perfect for the purpose it is made for.
    Hence, when we say “women lack something” we don’t accuse her of imperfection. Rather, it is perfection itself. Having stronger emotions, passion, caring, and less interest in general issues, less courage, and weaker will is perfection for women. It is that difference that makes women attractive and satisfying for men.

    I guess these are enough for sound minded people. Don't be desi liberal and blindly start supporting anything. men cannot be women women cannot be men. Again don't confuse their rights with individuals.

    1. I don't think you read the blog properly. All you wanted to do was seek attention. Well, brother, you had it. If you had bothered getting the point, it was about GENDER EQUITY. I have mentioned that Genders are not created equal. But of course your ego is stuck on the fact that jokes could be offensive. Wow at your level of understanding.

  9. It's just your interpretation from everything what i said that i am against their freedom or i have negative views towards them. It's just that everyone has its own place where it looks perfect. You think you are pathetic? well sorry i don't and neither i am proud of being a boy. I am Just thankful to Allah for who i am.
    Coming towards on the matter of a girl sitting with boys. Just leave Islam on one side and just be a desi liberal. Now imagine that, that girl is your sister. OH come on don't worry they are just her friends. no no, no one is touching her but they just do high five sometimes. What? r u mad??? no one is looking at her with lust they just have understandings and they are communicating with each other through eyes. come on boys are not passing signs to each others they are thinking about something else.
    You might have abused me thousands times while just imagining something like that. "if you don't want any of that to happen with your sister then why with other sisters?"
    am not saying woman is to blame, men have equal shares. but again men are lustful am sorry but yes we are, not all of us but mostly.And again that does not mean u have to be ashamed of being a boy or proud of being a boy. If you are not then you are blessed.
    And yes i cannot keep my eyes closed watching something like that neither i enjoyed watching that. Its just that i felt horrible and sorry at same time for that girl.

    am not going to be again reasonable for what i said. I feel satisfied for who i am and how i think,from where i belong women are not less then men in any aspect and Yes am from Pakistan. but they cannot be equal as man as desi liberals and some feminine thinks.

    1. @someone this is rather getting messy over here so if you want to reply then just email me now then to the point. Firstly about my sister, SHE CAN DO WHATEVER SHE WANTS BECAUSE SHE HAS THE FREEDOM TO DO SO. if she is making a decision she better be ready for the consequences that includes my whole family. I'm not against her decision or freedom. Now that i didn't say they are men, i said they can act like them and by act i mean THINK LIKE THEM. However everyone has their own type of thinking based on environment which you don't know nothing about because you don't study psychology or neuroscience. Now towards the YOUR important fact "Having stronger emotions and weaker psychological and mental ability is considered perfection for women". THIS IS YOUR IDEAL NOT EVERYONE'S. Oh brother, you're underestimating and looking down on women and it makes me wanna smack your face real hard to the wall. They CAN NOT HAVE WEAK MENTAL ABILITIES BECAUSE THEY ARE STUCK WITH SOMETHING CALLED BRAIN unless of course there is no brain which is applied for both. You're saying as if they are robots. Now this one got me so fed up and triggered. "
      less courage, and weaker will is perfection for women. It is that difference that makes women attractive and satisfying for men."
      Weaker will is perfection women huh. Some ideals you have there and KEEP THIS SHIT TO YOURSELF. Have you ever thought that they have free will and and courage to do something great, to fill up a gap you cannot cover? Have you ever thought that they too want reach top of the mountains and make a difference? To have wishes like you have. Oh wait having weaker MENTAL ABILITIES is perfection right? They are here in this world to satisfy men right? They do not have a soul right? I think i understand you a little. You're one of those people who want to feel superior. And yes about that you cannot close your eyes during that whole scenario. You're definitely definitely one of those people who would watch others burn while saving yourself. Isn't she you're sister as in islam. Isn't it your job to protect her and tell her the way the guys were looking at her? Oh wait you can't because she'll slap you in the face or something wrong would happen and you would regret it but in the end shouldn't it make you happier that you tried to do something right at least other's couldn't. If it was your real sister only then you could do it and why is that because of the BOND OF BLOOD. You will get hurt if you saw your sister get hurt but you won't get hurt if you saw other women got hurt, you would just feel sorry for them, as i am boy but least i could say on their behalf they don't want your sorry nor your eyes looking in their business. So much for bringing in religion when you don't even apply it. It's because of idiots like you and your ideals in the world, girls end up wishing they were a boy. They start thinking of the freedom they could have and no one would poke faces in their business. A bird that has ability to fly and cannot fly is not free. Anyway none of this would matter to you because you're one of those people who think they are totally perfect but you won't admit it. The way you talked definitely did. And TBH i didn't want to say this but i can't help it, I'm definitely definitely amazed your mother had a lot of strong courage and and will to give you birth.
      ( any hate can be emailed to me. Don't ruin her blog)
      (Also sorry to the host for making the blog a bit messy lol and again going too far)

    2. No need to apologize for the stand you took. It means a lot.

  10. That's the purpose of creating blog to settle differences, if i reply you through email then there is no purpose of creating this blog first thing. Ok so you said that your sister or mine or any one sister's can do anything what she wants. YES SHE CERTAINLY CAN. but staying within boundaries defined by SHARIAH not by "ME". I don't know if you ever heard of campaign (I don't want to take name of that campaign bcz its too "AUGEAN". You can google it anyway) In that campaign women of new York protested that they want to go shirtless on streets as men can. Because they have equal rights as men so they can do that too because men can. they did not accomplished anything of course. the point of telling you this is that everything has its defined boundary. NO ONE IS STOPPING WOMEN FROM GOING ON MOUNTAIN TOP. NO ONW IS STOPPING HER FROM DOING WHAT SHE WANTS TO DO BUT AGIAN BY STAYING IN CIRCLE SHE CAN DO ANYHTING SHE WANTS. same goes for men.. they certainly cannot do anything and everything they want, they are too bounded by SHARIAH same as women.
    Now coming towards point of that "if she is making a decision she better be ready for the consequences that includes my whole family". HOLY PROPHET PBUH said "Save yourself and your family from hell fire". What does that mean? it means that if someone is doing something that u think will endanger him/her then you should stop it. You cannot allow your 2 year old child to go near roof edges just because he wants too. You are there to look after him.. if you think he/she will fell off from roof you will stop him/her. YOU CANNOT ALLOW A CHILD TO DO WHAT SHE WANTS. so again if your sister or mine or anyone else sister is jumping into the well one must warn her and should stop her.
    Coming towards third point at which you wanted to smack my face on wall "Having stronger emotions and weaker psychological and mental ability is considered perfection for women" from this you interpreted that am saying they are robot and they cannot do what they want right??? "am looking down toward woman" you guessed. Looking down towards whom?? to that JANNAH i call MOTHER? or to that most beautiful relation i call SISTER? or to that life partner i call wife?? to whom??? Certainly you are too eager to judge someone.
    Now coming toward another flummer that u raised that by weaker will you interpreted that i again meant that she cannot do what she wants. dude weaker will does not stop her from reaching mountain tops, or to cover the gap i cannot or to have wishes like me. let me tell you in language you understand. weaker will se matlab ka un ki choti choti c khushiyan or khuwaishen huti hen. Let me just elaborate it. it is mentioned in Bible too that treat your women as weaker vessel. for GOD SAKE NOW READ THIS CAREFULLY BEFORE JUDGING ME AGAIN, by weaker vessel it means that treat them with gentle and soft hands, heart. As you cannot treat weaker vessel roughly because it will break same is the case for women if you will treat them with anger and harshly they will break just like weaker vessel.
    now coming toward "mental abilities" a flummer u raised again. Now that does not mean i wanted to say she cannot think like me or any boy out there she just has her own mental abilities , she has its own way to approach any problem and that doesn't make HER INFERIOR OR MALE SUPERIOR. are u READING THIS???? THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY MALE OR FEMALE SUPERIOR ON ONE ANOTHER. again THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY MALE OR FEMALE SUPERIOR ON ONE ANOTHER. again THAT DOES NOT MAKE ANY MALE OR FEMALE SUPERIOR ON ONE ANOTHER. Got that???

  11. SO in next line u again somehow managed to judge me because i am one of those people who enjoy other people burns. Yes i should have warned her like my real own sister. but i did not because i don't have blood relation with her. and that's me with last level of eman . am not going to give HADITH as reference but u can google it. i did not stop her because i was afraid she would slap YES or at least she might have said to don't put nose in her matters. but as HOLY PROPHET said if you see something wrong being happen. stop it with hand, if not stop it through tongue. if now think of that as wrong deed as that is last level of eman and i am standing right there. i did not have enough courage to go and talk t her.
    Ok am amazed at your talent its because of idiots like me that a girl end up wishing she was boy. buddy my sister never wished that, want to know why? because she is most lovable among all our brothers. its just depends upon the individuals treating women. if they are treating her like animals they should get hanged on streets. So she should have her freedom within circle defined by Islam not by me and same goes for a boy. SAME GOES FOR BOY SAME GOES FOR BOY SAME GOES FOR BOY.
    OK so you think that i think i am perfect??? brother no one is perfect except HOLY PROPHET PBUH. am not even close to perfect and no one else can be perfect. AM NOT PERFECT ITS JUST WHAT U JUDGED.

    that's mine last comment. If you want to argue more then bring facts instead of bashing words or smacking my face to wall.

    1. Well I already knew you were hopeless and now that you don't even understand what you wrote. So i do agree with your point of the boundary but wouldn't it apply for men too? Men should start a campaign of not wearing any pants, that would super comfortable for men. As for my sister, By WHATEVER SHE WANTS, SHE CAN DO SO MEANS she has a free will to make her decision in her life, her bad decision will help her gain some experience and she wouldn't do the same mistakes over again. Who am i to make decision of her life? If she knows what is right and wrong. That applies to my whole family. I definitely did not mention kid over here, so i think i don't have to tell that kid's don't even know what is right or wrong.

    2. Now this
      "Having stronger emotions and weaker psychological and mental ability is considered perfection for women". Now I think you're a bigger fool. How would you define WEAK PSYCHOLOGICAL AND MENTAL ABILITY? In my dictionary it's having LOW IQ and less ability to think. But wait isn't that same as saying she inferior? oh no, you definitely called your sister, mother and wife that. Not directly but indirectly (ask any person). Oh no wait, my dictionary must be wrong why not just google it? Sadly you are acting that you don't understand your words but you do. Sadly enough, weaker mental abilities are considered perfection for women so that case your mother, sister are perfect? Oh man i was eager to judge from what you said because it definitely felt you were looking down on women. Don't run away from your own words which you are. Be a man and face them that is if you do have some strong WILL to do so. Weaker WILL does not mean " un ki choti choti c khushiyan or khuwaishen huti hen", you idiot. choti choti khushiyan to meri be hai but then you're saying i have a weak will or the people who enjoy little things or have little wishes. It definitely does not mean weak vessel that is of course depends upon the environment, she has be brought up in. Any person brought up in harsh environment will break just like a weak vessel. That is why we end up having sociopath because they mentally broken. Here is a psychology fact for you, People take negative things more heavy then positive things. That means negative things (harsh words and abusing) will always stronger impact then positive things(happiness etc).
      Now, as you are standing, observing what is happening and judging the person and feel sorry rather then walking away. Just like i said you would watch people burn and i definitely did not say you enjoy. why bother watching her after thinking what is going is bad? why bother observing it when you already know the nature of most boys? why not just look the other way? yea why not just walk away rather then wasting time?
      As you're sister varies or does she? My sister wishes she was a boy because she wishes to travel around the world without any worries that is if she was a boy. Everybody loves her equally then why does she wish like that? she probably envy my older brother who can go out with friends whenever he wants. she has everything then why this thought? oh well i guess i should blame the nature of the society. As for your sister, a bird in cage is perfect example. buddy even she wished she could fly, she won't tell it. She respect you and your decision but she definitely won't tell you her wishes or her fantasy but anyway i can't judge this because i don't know how your family treats her, that is you all do love her. you probably haven't seen her spread her wings and ability to fly but anyway that is not my matter nor do i have enough knowledge on this(so don't think serious about the example). That is your house but based on my analysis you probably won't be able to find out. As like i said, the way you talked definitely proved that you think you are perfect and anyone can tell your ego is way above the normal roof. As for the last, anyone would smack your face to the wall because of the way you talked. I tried to use your words against you but since you're hopeless, it wouldn't work. I was definitely sure the last sentence in my previous comment would be effective but then you're running away from your own words. Anyway my words won't affect you but i guess if i asked other people to read this and asked for their comment on your thoughts and mine, that should affect you as a term in psychology "social proof" that should work.



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