Wednesday, 5 July 2017


You clip off the wings from a butterfly
And you gift her, a garden, and wonder why
Is she not happy?
Why, of course she hasn’t learned
To be grateful
For what you do for her.
Because every time she looks at the sky,
The realization hits harder,
She is unable to fly.
Sure, you gave her the freedom
When you had her crippled,
So she may appear to the world, free
But she knows she is still caged.
Your kindness, your majesty,
How dare she defy?
That ungrateful goon,
Let her rot in her ugliness
That will teach her a lesson.
Why, she asked for more,
Let her have it.
But she didn’t ask for more, did she?
She didn’t even ask for what was hers.
You stole from her, her right,
And the world sang your praises,
Because they saw you planting roses,
They didn’t see the thorns you hid,
Your kindness, your majesty,
How dare she defy?
And now they see her cry,
They mark the tears as greed,
Stamp them as drops of lust.
That petty little thing,
Who’s gonna accept her?
If it weren’t for you.
She drips ugly,
Lacks colors.
You took her beauty,
And she never asked why,
Even if she dared,
You would have choked the words out of her,
But you didn’t wanna risk it,
So you cut off her tongue,
But the world didn’t see that either,
Because you fed them lies,
And the mask you had painted on your face,
Sold them all.
You built this fortress,
Of fa├žade,
No one will ever cross,
Because no one cares about the truth,
As long as they have someone to blame,
And no one to protest,
The truth will be marked,
By the silence of the accused.
And you’ll call yourselves just,
You’ll call yourselves kind,
Another voice will be choked,
Another soul will be caged,
In this free world out here,
There will always be another one,
Till the end of the time,
There will always be another one,
Till it becomes,
The reason behind,
The end of the world.


In the sky rose the screams, The shrill wails roared, A drop landed on the soil, Another, And another, A blotch appeared, As if...