Friday, 9 June 2017


Let’s take another round of the battling hearts.
Let’s look deep into what really smarts.
When the road gets tough, when the life gets rough
When you might be good but you’re not enough
And you feel so shallow, so hollow within,
And the evil is mocking you, with that monstrous grin,
And you try so hard to fit in the world,
That your image of self, in the way, gets blurred,
And you lose yourself trying to find a way,
You’re left alone, in the path, astray,
In an abyss you’ve fallen, in the dark you’re doomed,
The hope’s faded, the desire has fumed,
When the heart is weakened, when the spirit is down,
You need to put back, on your head, that crown,
There might seem a dead end but there’s always a door,
That leads you to a way if you take a step more,
To fit around here, you don’t need to change,
To survive out there, being normal isn’t the range,
Your Lord has carved you with love so much,
No match out there, for that is such,
Your life will get better, there is always a way,
Even in the dark, of hope, there is a ray,
You are a wonder; maybe you don’t have a clue,
But you are, in yourself, the perfect you.


  1. Just love it. Thank you, Your words help me a lot :')

  2. Nailed it����



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