Saturday, 20 May 2017


Watching the last ray of hope
Flickering away into the nothing,
That last tiny bit of the souls
Fading away into the abyss,
I watch, astonished
What has the world come to?
Humans there are, humanity, no trace
Stubborn are the hearts, have lost their grace
What made them superior,
Has brought them down
From the realm of the skies
to beneath the ground,
These humans today,
Are nothing but the wild beasts,
Unleashed into the daylight,
Crawling in the midnight,
The monsters within them
Hiding behind the masks,
As if there was a masquerade,
Going on till eternity,
There lies deception, the fallacy, the facade
Trying to reach perfection, idealizing the regard,
The flames of passion are fuming within
The evil has conquered, the mighty sins win,
Pretentious they are, dead inside
Poison surging within, they walk beside.
Ah, humans they call themselves, humanity they speak,
The souls are trapped in the dark, the hearts are weak,
Weak enough to feel the pain, covered with lust,
humanity that there once was, turned ash and flew with dust.


  1. That was psychedelic and very moving.Great job with the words.And I praise your take on the subject.



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