Saturday, 4 March 2017


So about those "pretty friends", why do they get to have all the beauty and what am I supposed to do with this brain of mine? Sell ducks? Because people always see faces before they talk. And I am no Einstein, but at least, I know their tricks.

Aren't we humans fascinating? The logical ones yet the most savage, the most blessed yet the least satisfied.

I ask you, to paint a picture in your head, but with all the emotions. Let's suppose you made something, something with every fiber of your being, with every bit of your soul, something you've carved out with so much affection, so much love that there is no match. And you give it to someone, and they think it's not enough. How'd you feel? If they keep asking for all the things you avoided putting in for the good of them and yet they keep demanding them, keep blaming you for not letting them have those, how are you gonna be about it? Or else, what if you had already decided to give it to them later, would you still want to?

You have this complaint regarding people that they don't see your worth, they don't appreciate you enough and yet you do the same, EVERYDAY? My Friend, have you ever thought about the time when you'd stand in front of your Lord and He asks, what made you think you were created lesser than others? How are you gonna answer that? Because you thought so? Because people made you think so?

Humans! What a pathetic creation we have turned ourselves into? Hungry, parched, lustful for more. What we have is what we don't want, and what we don't is what we desire. What we can't have is what we'd run after, and what we don't deserve is what we'd demand. Because the heart wants what it wants or else it does not care.

Why do you think imperfections exist? Do you wanna live in utopia? You'll die of boredom if everything is just perfect and there is no goal, no imperfection to work on. And there would be a time, when there would be perfection, perfection for eternity, perfection you'd never be able to have enough of, it awaits you in the hereafter, and it's how you deal with the imperfections here that'll determine whether you're worthy of those perfections or not.

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  1. Yet people still want to achieve perfection even though it's boring lol



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