Saturday, 26 March 2016


Found someone scary enough in class? Maybe a hothead. You've gotta stand a mile away, for you never know what might piss them off.

Without THE FIGHT CLUB, there can't be any fun. Just give them a stimulus, grab popcorns and enjoy the show.

People don't appreciate originality nowadays. It's hard to find them. But finding the LAME ones is not at all hard. You wouldn't believe your ears when you hear the real them talking.

'Grades', the only thing people actually care about in university. There are few drama queens who would cry after every paper or quiz, about how badly they are about to fail and every result will say the opposite. Then there would be some who are going to tell everyone they scored well. Trust me, nobody cares. Not about your grades. Then there comes a catagory, who would score more than the ones they copied their paper from. And the too cool to care club. The chill party. "Neither prepared nor passing" as simple as that. And then, there is a meanie who would only come around in the time of need and pretend to be your die hard best friend till you are no longer useful to them.

Well, where there are meanies there are the minions. The poor souls everyone takes benefit from.
How can there be a class without having the ONE that everyone hates? That unbearable student makes the class complete, for there is one thing everyone has a mutual agreement on.

The one who is deprived of happiness, always sad about the things that don't even count. Those are the sad emojis of the class.

Figured out who that slow sleepy zombie type creature is in your class? No? It's probably you.
Being thrown into the world of weirdos there is some one so awkward, that stands out as the odd one out.

How can I forget the lame jokers? There is a reason why *SENSE* OF HUMOR is appreciated. Not everyone gets that. But the harder thing is, they don't realize how terrible their jokes are.

Lots of people stalk but its hideous. Those who go by the, "its called STARE AND STALK game", those are the most annoying ones. I mean, come on. For once, leave us alone.

And then there are some with the desperate need for speed. Their day can't just go, or say they can't bring themselves to function properly without satisfying their need. Hope you know what I mean.

Without a grammar nazi, exists no class. Those are the kind of people every NORMAL being tries to avoid. The problem isn't the fact that they correct you, it's the way they do it. Besides that, you just can't finish a statement without them interrupting you, pointing out where you said what wrong.
You've gotta think ten times before saying something and it's better to stay away.

There are the ones who are so lucky to be always on time. Not like they would be there before the class starts, but the quiz and the attendance, damn, how do they do it?

And there is some poor soul who always misses the thing. Gets late and pays for it.

All in all, it's all people. Weird, strange, awkward, bizarre. The common thing about them is that they are all very different, and that's the beauty of it.( other than the part where they get on your nerves and you wanna bash their heads). Enjoy the creepy heads around you and stick to the rule that people are fragile, they'll all die.


  1. I wonder which creepy head I am in your class. Lol

  2. hahaha :'D nicely written.Gosh! such a variety.



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