Saturday, 27 February 2016


Ever felt disgusted by a constant gaze? Ever got nervous by a thorough examination of your outfit? 

Ever walked in front of a group as they whisper something to each other and burst out a laughter? 
That feels bad.

So, she wears jeans with hijab? Come on. What’s the point of hijab?

So, his height is short? Well, say no more.

So, she has a solemn face all the time. God ain’t she aggressive?

So, she is fat, they are old-fashioned. Blah, blah.

One word, PATHETIC.

Hijab? Her business.

Too short? Don’t worry, he wasn’t gonna marry you anyway.

Too Aggressive? Who knows, she may bite.

Why, why, why? Why so judgmental?

Let me tell you why.

It’s human nature. But there are categories to that.

One is judging as in, first impression, second impression and all. But one is judging and criticizing and mocking, well if you lie in that category, your life sucks. Wait, if you even have one.
Why do people judge, ever wondered?

It's guilty conscience, it’s the bug inside you.

Admit or not, but it’s the complex inside you, be it inferiority or superiority, both mean the same.
Why do you need to judge others and not yourself?

Because you are too afraid to accept what you’ll find.

That disagreement you have with your soul, that dissatisfaction you have in your heart, that’s the reason you judge.

When you comment on someone, it's more for the sake of convincing yourself. Apparently it seems like gossip. But deep, deep inside, you are trying to convince your heart. You are trying to make yourself feel better about yourself.
You are trying to prove you’re better than them.

But the truth, truth is, you are worse.

Every time you make a judgment, your heart despises you more. You may not be able to see it, but it happens.
That cliché ‘’Don’t judge a book by its cover’’. That is just a cliché.

Covers attract, covers repel. It’s the cover that may lead you into a huge mess and it’s the cover that can keep you from discovering what’s beneath it. Something wonderful

After all, if they had judged the oyster by it shell, would they have ever discovered the pearl that resides within?
Judge yourself before you make a judgment on someone else. Your eye can tell a lie. Nothing is what it looks like. The sooner you realize that, the sooner there will be less misanthropes out there.


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  2. Its a serious issue in every society but the extent differs.You portrayed it in a simple and beautiful way Zirva!



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